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This pack contains 14 more tracks of gritty, suspenseful, dark fantasy music. (think The Witcher and Game Of Thrones).

Medieval instruments like Lute, lyre and traditional wooden flutes collaborate with ominous choir chants, mongolian throat singing and more to give life to your epic fantasy world.

They include music to use in various situations:

- Exploration and Landscape

- Cities and Villages

- Danger/infiltration

- Battles

- Taverns

- Minigames such as card games, tourneys, fist fighting contests, horse racing...

Tracklist: (.wav 48/24bits or .mp3 320kbps)

- Ancient Land (LOOP) [02:29]

- Across The Fields (LOOP) [01:09]

- Enigma (LOOP) [03:56]

- Clash Of Iron (LOOP) [01:07]

- Forward! [00:40]

- Looking For Clues (LOOP) [02:53]

- On The Road (LOOP) [01:10]

- Protector Spirit (LOOP) [04:05]

- Ritual (LOOP) [00:58]

- Swords Are Of No Use Here (LOOP) [01:09]

- The Old Gods (LOOP) [02:24]

- The Traveler (LOOP) [00:42]

- Through The Portal (LOOP) [03:02]

- Under The Spell (LOOP) [1:13]


Buy Now30.00€ EUR or more

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